Scrag End

Issue Zero

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For our pilot issue, Richard Webb of Swampdog and Betterfish explains what irks him about the Australian seafood Industry. Luke Burgess of Garagiste invited us to a day at his Tasmanian restaurant and explained just how important wine is to his life in food. We sat through a rant by Cup Coffee proprietor, Josh Russell regarding the importance of arrogance, while our own editor-in-chief offers a taste of how much can be learnt when travelling through food saturated Gascony.

More from—Terry Hart, Jack Stone, Ben G Morgan, Carla McCrae, Erik van Gendereen, Guillaume Bersweiler, Alexander Lotersztain  Mikel, Jean Maristela-Gust, Felicita Sala, Ken Smith & Craighton Berman.

96 page 5 colour offset, 200 x 275mm document.